Amid a government shutdown, Republicans cheering for doom

Every year in America, at least once or twice,  Americans see their government get into a tizzy threatening to effectively shut down over failure(s) to procure a spending bill. This year, uh, is no different from the last. According to Washington experts, a government shutdown is both likely and unlikely — as experts remain uncertain as to whether or not it will happen.

The wildcard? According to experts, uh, Donald Trump. Trump and his, perhaps unusual requests, are indeed the wildcard in this year’s spending bill showdown.  In it, Republicans hope to either fill the void and have the border wall built and defense spending increased, or,  Democrats must agree (if and when the first part fails) that a large portion of the Affordable Care Act be entirely defunded.

Sources on Capital Hill, however, note that Republicans in and near the White House aren’t exactly feeling the pressure to amicably agree on a spending bill ultimately preventing a government shutdown.

The deadline for such a deal reportedly lands on 28 April, which, is actually Trump ‘s 100th day in office. Experts say that Trump is likely desperate for a big win, and therefore, will likely do what it takes to make this happen.

Interestingly, the spending bill would only actually fund the government through September.

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