California cops help end Tad Cummin ‘s life on the run

CECILVILLE, CALIFORNIA — Good news for the family of Elizabeth Thomas, who, is now safely being transported home following more than a month on the run with Tad Cummin’s. According to California authorities, a tip this week, led them to a remote cabin just outside of the state of Oregon.

In that cabin, perhaps, was none other than Elizabeth Thomas and Cummins, who, had reportedly been hiding out in the cabin for over a week.  Police say that they received a tip about a Nissan Rogue matching Cummin ‘s vehicle with no plates in the parking lot of the cabin.

According to authorities who had knowledge of the matter, Cummins, had frequently rented one bedroom motel rooms across the country until they made it to California. In those hotel rooms, he, would often buy large bottles of Cialis in what investigators believe was a well thought out plan to engage in sexual relations with a minor.

Cummin ‘s is currently being held on federal charges of transportation of a minor across state lines, and, intent to engage in sex with a minor. He does not have bond.  Thomas, meanwhile, is currently being medically checked out and interviewed before being sent home to her parents.

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