Mcdonald’s workers could get reward for stopping Facebook killer

Now that Steve Stephens is dead, uh, the discussion over the $50,000 reward for his capture is in high-gear. According to police, the Mcdonald’s workers in Pennsylvania could become the recipients of award.  Police say that the workers actually were the reason they were able to finally catch up to Stephens, who, had fled to Pennsylvania after his hotly-watched crime spree live on Facebook.

Even more interesting, it, looks like a $5.35 craving for a 5 piece Mcnugget and a small fry cost Stephen’s his time on the run as this year’s most notorious dumbass in hot pursuit.

Stephens (not pictured) had killed Robert Godwin Sr in Cleveland live on Facebook for the world to watch after switching his profile to public (the murder was seen by a Daily News reporter after links were dropped in our social pages).

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