The latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s is almost here, and, it’s as juicy as one would expect. In the episode, seen by The Daily News,   Kim and the gang learn of Caitlyn ‘s new memoir for the first time.  The memoir, entitled Secrets of My Life, is the first memoir by Jenner since her transition from male-to-female.

While we won’t go into much detail about Jenner’s jaw-dropping book,  Kris, isn’t to pleased about the book.  In the episode, Kris, is heard telling Jenner and the kids “I’m done I can’t sit back  do nothing anymore”.   The contents of the book range from secrets about Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn’s own reasons as to why she transitioned.

The book has also reportedly caused trouble with Jenner’s daughters, some of which,  according to sources are “furious with Caitlyn over the book and absolutely shocked that Caitlyn would publish such details in a very public memoir.

Jenner refuted the claims in a statement to The Daily News “These are simply not true”.


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