In video footage obtained today by The Daily Mail we, uh, have now released additional footage of Dr. David Dao from  United Flight 3411. In the footage, he is heard telling police “you’ll have to drag me” before being literally body slammed and bloodied up by officers.

Well… I have to drag you… You know how this is going to end up happening, right?’

Dao then replies: ‘You can drag me, I’m not going. I’m staying right here. You’ll have to drag me.’

The cop then says, ‘I’m just telling you, it’s going to be a lot harder for you…’, before Dao interrupts with: ‘Yes I know that, I’d rather go to jail.’

‘You’d rather go to jail than just getting off,’ the cop replies, while sounded confused at the comment. 

‘Yes,’ Dao is heard saying.  

Via The Daily Mail 



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