It’s a story that you might not think would go the way you’re about to read.    A 23-year-old Ohio woman is facing some pretty serious rape charges this week, uh, after she apparently held up a male cabbie driver and proceeded to rape him with the assistance of two other men.

Prosecutors say Brittany Carter, uh,  apparently held up a cabbie during the attack which occurred at 4:25am.   Documents  show that Carter had “the aid of two other men when they held the unidentified cab driver at gunpoint when she proceeded to rape him while in the car.”. 

Prosecutors are unsure as to whether or not the car was in motion or parked during the attack.   Officials say that Carter, had the assistance of two males, one of them identified as Cory Jackson. Jackson reportedly remains at large and is wanted for murder in one town over. 

Hancock County police are warning anybody that comes into contact with Jackson to call the police immediately. 

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