Here’s where the NYPD went wrong with their body camera policies 

The NYPD is on a roll.  First city officials released their budget proposal earlier this month, and now, police officials have released their proposed body camera policies.

This Spring, some 1000 cameras, are set to be unleashed into the NYPD to “combat police issues and hold officers accountable”.  However, several including the ACLU have already found their issues with the policy all together.

And entirely for the right reason.

Officers and police stations across America have already voiced their disdain with the release of police footage.  Most stations have either taken measures to make it impossible to get publicly available footage, or,  flat out restrict it from ever being released to the public. So what makes the NYPD any different? Perhaps, the largest police task force in the United States with an estimated 34,000 officers to date.

Here’s where the biggest concern sits.   It’s no secret that Freedom of Information Act Requests often go ignored for extended periods of time.  So, this, perhaps,  would deter the entire point of the “accountable” perspective of the policy because there would be no easy way for Americans to get access to the footage.

Interestingly,  lying among officers has seen a rise in previous years.  Previous officers across the country have either flat out lied in cases of brutality, or, mysteriously claimed that the body camera in question either fell off or shut down conveniently during a fatal shooting.

Again, what makes the NYPD different? Even experts aren’t so sure.  According to one law enforcement official in D.C “This is a male or break project and a big gamble for a city that always has something going on.  It’s just a matter of watching.”

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The concerning part is that the body technology prescribed by the NYPD today is somewhat of the artificial intelligence type.  The Daily News learned while researching this topic, that,  the NYPD has the ability to facially recognise someone using AI technology.  An unprecedented step in law enforcement, and, a huge concern for average citizens.

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