What in the world is a “cuck”, Steve Bannon ‘s war in the WH explained

The Steve Bannon – Jared Kushner debacle in the WH is one for the history books. Bannon, an alt-right nationalist who believes in closed borders and “supremacy” is not happy with the “globalist” (his words of description) towards Jared Kushner.  With the announcement earlier this week that Kushner and his views had effectively helped boot Bannon from the NSC, such, came a slew of headlines suggesting  Bannon was “angry” and wanted to quit.

The Atlantic brilliantly broke the dispute down citing that the differentiating views between the powers that be “are determining who will stay and who will go”.  But, the dispute could have harrowing results on another big name in the White House: The Chief of Staff.  The Atlantic discovered that  The Chief of Staff and Bannon are “exceptionally close and are often allied together” something that has irritated the “moderates” and “more modern figures”  in the WH (think Kushner; Ivanka, and co).

Interestingly (its no secret that Bannon came from Breitbart News the right of the right)  Bannon apparently references Kushner as a “cuckservative”.  A combination of cuck and conservative (both a popular insult on the alt-right side of the weird universe that we live in).

A blogger at NPR further made an excellent point.  Trump appears to enjoy being surrounded by competing factions, and, while such may be a component of successful business strategies, many are beginning to wonder whether or not such strategies can survive in the unique plan(s) required to excel at the presidency.

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