The war to get Neil Gorusch on as a SCOTUS judge is under full way today. Senate Democrats successfully blocked Gorsuch from being nominated after weeks of “open minded talks; discussions, and thorough reviews of his character”.

But now, Senate Republicans aren’t having it.  Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly confirmed today that the “nuclear option” to change the number of required votes from 60 to 51 is underway and is “tantamount to making America great again”.

Senate Republicans have carved out this “map that explicitly shows that they’re after people who are close to their agenda and what they want in the government”.

Gorsuch  was strongly opposed by Democrats because his track record and writings reportedly show that he “favors corporations and big businesses over people and has numerous times”.

Dems have argued that Gorsuch was given a fair treatment while the opposite Democratic SCOTUS nominee was not.  Republicans deny such allegations however that part was obvious considering Republicans blocked him all together.

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