@IvankaTrump went behind her fathers back and met with Planned Parenthood execs 

Ivanka Trump is a woman of uncertainty,  Reports confirmed today that the first daughter secretly met with the head of Planned Parenthood without the knowledge of the White House or the American people.

Here’s where it gets interesting. While the original report only detailed to the point that Ivanka reportedly wanted “to learn more about the organization” she didn’t quite listen to Cecile Richards when Richards “made a play to organize a presentation for her to show her where federal funding actually went”.

Sources confirmed that the reports of a meeting were indeed accurate, mostly, because skepticism was posed by conservatives in America of a first daughter meeting with an abortion clinic service provider. 

Additional reports now cite that Cecile Richards “does not like Ivanka whatsoever and their relationship has entirely soured because of Ivanka’s refusal to defend Planned Parenthood and Women’s Issues across the spectrum”. 

The same two sources went on to reveal that during the meeting Ivanka and Richards “got into a heated argument over the fact that GOP’ers and the like are trying to fiscally and lawfully defund planned parenthood forever”

“Cecile didn’t and doesn’t like that fact right there because everybody knows that while PP does in fact perform abortions,  their federal funding doesn’t actually go towards abortions because that is against the law”.

The sources used Twitter.com to contact The Daily News and provided images of Richards and Ivanka together after their meeting to confirm their knowledge of the meeting as a whole.

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