Man creates arrogant Go Fund Me campaign to buy outrageous ring

So outrageous, that uh, Twitter had a field day with news that Mr. Oliver apparently decided to take to Go Fund Me to buy a $15,000 ring.  At first glance, buying a wedding ring of a lady’s dreams may not seem all that bad, until one discovers that they’re after one of the most expensive rings one could possibly imagine.

According to Mashable, the apparent arrogant Go Fund Me campaign came after Oliver’s girlfriend bought him 30 gifts for his 30th birthday. Interestingly enough, we wondered why he wasn’t using his own money, Mashable, answered that question. 

Oliver claims that “Team work makes the dream work” and “using Go Fund Me would allow us to buy a ring that EVERYONE would love”. 

Meanwhile, the young lady about to marry this douche might want to reconsider what she’s about to do. 

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