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In historic ruling, US court rules LGBTQ workers ARE protected under Civil Rights Act 

In a ruling out of a Chicago court,  a historic ruling this week is set to change the course of history forever.  According to the 7th court of Appeals in Chicago, LGBTQ workers across the spectrum are legally and federally protected by the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

You guessed right — Martin Luther King’s iconic law that helped shape the course of human rights in America.  

The ruling stems from a case involving an Indiana woman identified as Kimberly Hively.   Hively, claimed in a federal lawsuit that Ivy Tech didn’t hire her full time because she was a lesbian.

‘I don’t see why firing a lesbian because she is in the subset of women who are lesbian should be thought any less a form of sex discrimination than firing a woman because she’s a woman,’ wrote the judge, who was appointed by Republican Ronald Reagan.

The ruling is set to spark much discussion in the Supreme Court which is suddenly controversial amid Trump’s reign of terror over America. 

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