Wendy Walsh and the sex abuse allegations rocking Fox News

Wendy Walsh is pictured (AP Photo/ File Photo)

Fox News is apparently home of the notorious sex abuse allegations that are gearing up to plague the second of the biggest faces behind the controversial network.  Wendy Walsh first began her work at Fox News as the host of “Are We Crazy” a segment on O’ Reilly’s “O’ Reilly Factor” that year.  The  relationship between the two would soon become slightly more intimate as she reportedly admitted that she had been asked to dinner but nothing beyond that.

ABC News has the exclusive details on the allegations threatening the future of O’Reilly’s talk show.

And I thought, ‘Wow, the big boss, wow,’” Walsh said. “He brought it up first as soon as we sat down to dinner, saying, ‘We’d like to make you a contributor.’”

“As we walked past the hostess stand at the restaurant, he turned right towards the bedrooms and I turned left towards the bar and he caught up with me and said, ‘No, no, come back to my suite,'” Walsh said.

“I said, ‘Sorry, I can’t do that,’ and then he became hostile,” she continued. “All his charming-ness went away and he said the words, ‘You can forget all the business advice I gave you, you’re on your own.’”

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