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Man who invented the internet wins big honor

Many people use the internet for various means; trolling,  interesting and unusual social media posts,  and then the inevitable stream of food pictures and selfies. But without the help of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, 61, the internet would be as dead as Donald Trump ‘s hopes of remaining US President for a full term.

Berners-Lee is this years recipient of the AM Turing Award, which, comes with a $1m reward sponsored by Google.

Starting in 1989,   Berners-Lee pretty much solidified the future of the internet after he successfully managed to find a way to place documents; images, and videos on an internet format.  After his monumental project attempts, he, would later go on to become one of the 100 most important people of the 20th century.

“It’s a crowning achievement,” Berners-Lee said in an interview with the AP. “But I think the award is for the Web as a project, and the massive international collaborative spirit of all that have joined me to help.”


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