With the North American release of Trainwreck: Un-Edited (not to be confused with Amy Schumer’s Netflix special..) we are compiling a massive promotional tour that SHK will embark on later this year.

Here are the following dates we’ve secured this far:

June 7 – 9 Philadelphia Pennsylvania

June 10 – 13 New York, New York

June 13 – 16 Atlanta Georgia (Phipps Plaza) 

June 16-18 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

June 18 – 21 Los Angeles, California

June 22 – 24 Mexico City, Mexico

June 25 – 27 Seattle, Washington

June 27 – End of the Month –  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Further dates will be announced as they are confirmed. This book tour date list is subject to change and is privately sponsored. 

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