KellyAnne Conway is unaware people see through the bullshit 

KellyAnne Conway, is a woman that has pretty much ruined her credibility outside of the Trump administration. In weekend talk shows,  Conway,  claimed that the worlds media and American media was responsible for the “information underload” happening in America.

What that means, no news outlet is quite sure actually. According to Conway, who conveniently tries to dismantle any discussions over Trump’s wrongdoings….

“The media has an obsession with the Russian ties rather than positive stories like job creation” Conway said in one interview.

The same could proactively be said about Conway and Trump, a woman who has become his notorious and often dishonest mouthpiece.  

‘I mean they say the same thing. Show after show, day after day,’ Conway said, claiming that the media focus on conclusions rather than evidence.

‘I know people talk about ‘fake news’ and ‘biased media,’ but it’s not just unfair coverage … it’s everything that doesn’t get covered. It’s the incomplete coverage.’

   (“Quotes of speech from an appearance on Justice With Judge Jeanine..”)

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