Here’s what we know about Donald Trump’s rumoured resignation 

While only hearsay, some sleuthing around Washington pieced together where the initial rumour came from.

The reports first surfaced Friday and claimed that Trump was considering resignation amid numerous reports of corruption and a testimony negatively aimed at his persons from Michael Flynn.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser,  reportedly came forward as we previously reported to the FBI. In his comings, Flynn,  agreed to provide testimony and information about the long rumoured connection between Trump and Russia.

Now, here’s where we believe this rumour may have come from.  Increasingly in the past week or so, Ivanka Trump, is suddenly getting much closer to the Oval Office.  After initially denying that she would take a WH role, suddenly, her stance changed and she is now one of the Feds.

Interestingly, her appointment to assistant to the President is a head scratching one at that.  Trump’s track record with honesty and disclosure isn’t all that great, so,  the fact that Americans are expected to believe that Ivanka wouldn’t play a bigger role than just assistant: is rubbish.

Here’s what we found out when we spoke to aides for Rep Nunes (for their own safety we won’t adversely reveal which of the two sides gave us this info).

The two reps confirmed that Nunes indeed had admitted to staffers that he gained his information from government heads entirely as reported by The New York Times.   Additionally, both reps gleaned information that strongly hinted that there may be an announcement coming from Donald Trump.

As to what that announcement may be, we were unable to confirm beyond that point. A resignation from a US president hasn’t happened since Nixon amid the Watergate Scandal.

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