Report: Former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort being investigated for corruption

WASHINGTON, D.C — Former Trump campaign leader Paul Manafort, is, uh, a man of many secrets and deceptive past facts about his history. According to reports the United States treasury department has been made aware of numerous foreign transactions at the behest of  Paul Manafort related to numerous Russian agents and foreign operatives.

Manafort was long rumored to have many financial connections to the likes of Russia and Russia’s elite, but now, more has emerged in the case.    According to reports and officials Manafort used financial institutions and colleagues in  Cyprus to  filter millions in payments from Russian counterparts to the United States so they could be stored in offshore accounts for use by Manafort at a later time.

Manafort has long been known to use financial ties in Cyprus to  take money into offshore accounts without the knowledge of American government officials.  According to financial records,  he was involved in a dispute with finance officials in 2014 over an apparent payment of $19m to one Russian billionaire to purchase a cable-TV provider.

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