Americans are on the verge of losing their internet privacy again

And this time it is thanks to a pending vote in the Senate to allow ISP’s to with or without your permission sell your data to the highest bidder (including your private web history).   Last year, the FCC had actually passed a rule barring ISP’s from doing just that (but it wouldn’t  take  flight until December).

The problem? The Senate apparently feels that the FCC overstepped its boundaries and now they’re trying to challenge the new rule before it takes flight in the United States.

So, how would this work? According to internet experts,  generally,  companies have been largely and almost indefinitely barred from knowingly accessing and selling y our information (although, it still happened on occasion).  With a positive ruling from the Senate and the President (Trump must sign this measure) companies would be allowed to line their pockets off of the backs of computer users nationwide in the US.


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