There WAS wiretapping that actually occurred at Trump Tower

But not by  Barack Obama. Documents obtained by numerous outlets have revealed that Donald Trump ‘s Russian relationship goes back much farther than anyone has known up to this point. According to the documents,  the Federal Bureau of Investigation actually  first began investigating Trump for his Russian connection in 2011.

During 2011-2013, Unit 63A of Trump Tower was reportedly occupied by Russian individuals who knowingly operated a massive money-laundering scam.  At the head of the reported massive money-laundering ring, Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov, 68, who had once tried to mastermind the Olympics in favor of Russian skaters.

This all happened just three floors below Trump ‘s gaudily-gilded penthouse high atop his golden New York City Tower.  The issue?  Alimzhan remains on the loose and is believed to be one of the most notorious crime bosses in the world.

The investigation at the time reportedly turned up at least 30 suspects who found themselves charged and arrested at the time.  Interestingly, Donald Trump and Alimzhan reportedly had a cozy time at the 2013 Miss Universe Competition in Moscow just months after the raid first began.  The two reportedly sat on the same row, and, one source indicates that Trump had even acknowledged him at the time of the encounter.

Alimzhan is now accused of running a $50m crime syndicate best known for mafia money;  money laundering, gambling, and extortion.   For years,  the FBI had found that the massive crime syndicate had gotten cozy in their swanky New York/ Trump Tower hideout.

The investigation had ended in 2013, although, the charges reportedly remain against Alimzhan himself.

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