There’s a serial killer on the loose in Bristol

BRISTOL — There’s an alarming new thing going on in Bristol and it has people seriously concerned that a serial killer may be on the loose. According to police records, more than three males have been found dead in the River Avon Canal since January.  A feat that has residents of Bristol, perhaps, concerned that a serial killer is behind the many deaths.  While police have denied the claims that a killer is on the loose, The Daily News, has dug a little deeper into the story.

Abdulkadir Mahamoud, 29,  is the third man since January to be found in the Avon Canal.  While police nor numerous media outlets would disclose many details about how or when he was found, we’ve discovered some details of our own. According to witnesses who saw Mahamoud out the night before he died he seemed “frightened about something, sort of, as if someone was trying to follow him’.

Witnesses continued that “he had had a few drinks when he was seen, but, definitely wasn’t heavily intoxicated. He was able to hold entire conversations and appear completely able to compose himself.   He vanished shortly after he left”.

Police sources confirmed that his body was found over the weekend, despite, initial indications from police officials that the body was discovered some time ago.   Locals are genuinely concerned about the case considering that since about 2008-2009 some 80 bodies have been found in area rivers and canals.


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