You should definitely know more about The Mercer Family

Republican donors are a thing of the present, and, we’ve spent the last week delving deep into their roles in American politics.  In this week’s investigatiom, we dove deep into the iconic GOP family The Mercer Family.

Robert Mercer, is, by all means, a man of many talents. A billionaire hedge fund manager, he, also runs companies like Cambridge Analytica pay attention to this name people.

For those that don’t know, Cambridge Analytica is a data mining company that initially helped Ted Cruz in the 2016 Presidential elections. But, when Cruz lost, all attention was turned towards Donald.

Cue, “Fake News”.  Robert and his daughter are notorious backers of — a website damn near known for spreading Trump propaganda and fake news.  In fact, recent reports show The Mercer’s actually own a 50% stake in the company. Coincidence? Lets continue.

In 2011, the Mercer’s dumped an insane number of millions into Breitbart which was their first dabble with the website itself.  When Cambridge Analytica came into the picture on a deeper level, it, became something straight out of a fittimg Purge sequel.

The Mercer’s knowingly sold and used their data services to help Trump in 2016 by mining peoples Facebook profiles.  By mining these profiles,  they were able to deliver specifically targeted and tailored ads and posts coincidentally convincing of Trump’s candidacy. 

Interestingly, a similar feat is reportedly in the works now.  Sources confirmed to The Daily News that Cambridge Analytica and Facebool have worked up yet another agreement to permit the mining of private Facebook profiles — a charge that Facebook has strongly denied in the past.

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Presently, Cambridge Analytica is taking a similar approach to their data mining efforts to tailor ads and user experiences so that users see more pro-Trump ads pushing his unusually billionaire-friendly agenda.

Come back Sunday for Part 2 of our investigation into the Mercer Family and how they’ve also invested hundreds of millions into British politics, ultimately, resulting in Brexit. 

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