Ghetto Nerd’s cell phone history obtained by The Daily News 

In manners in which we will not disclose,  Ghetto Nerd,  fought hard for release from the porn industry forever leading up to his death. Although he hadn’t filmed in some time,  producers had long argued for Nerd to star in a mew shoot.

Something per text messages obtained by The Daily News he strongly rejected.

Four text messages dated exactly one month before his death,  Nerd,  had a heated argument with another Breed it Raw model (who has asked to remain anonymous after the discovery of the text messages).

The two engaged in a heated argument after the model was dispatched by Nerd’s former por. Producers in a last-ditch kind of effort to get nerd back on board with life in porn.

“You owe it to the producers, you signed a contract and they’re spending money on you and have to make sure you are good.  Don’t be a bitch ass nigga and bow out for good over petty ass shit bruh” reads one text message dated one month before Nerd’s sudden death last year.

It gets worse.

A second text message from the same model word for word goes something like this.

“Look bruh, all im saying is when you betray a porn producer don’t expect for things to go good for you.  You’re a pussy ass nigga,  and i hope they get you for it. Don’t get got” the incriminating text message continues.

When contacted, the model initially denied ever having sent the messages to Ghetto Nerd. Although we approached the model with evidence and cell phone records proving he had communicated with Ghetto Nerd’s phone one month before his death.

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