Against children that is.  According to police documents obtained by the Daily News, Daniel and Jenise Spurgeon decided to go on a multi-state sexual escapades involving hundreds of children.

Combined the couple was reportedly charged with upwards of 600 counts of sex crimes against children. As of this writing, they’ve been charged with approximately 703.

Police reportedly busted the two after they repeated their sex crimes against their 11 children both biological; adopted, and foster in Alabama.  Reports show that the exact number of children involved outside of their own is actually unknown as of this writing.

The crimes reportedly began in North Florence where the couple had lived until 2015, until they then relocated to Cape Coral in a bid to hide their crimes from authorities amid suspicions of sex crimes. 

Authorities managed to apparently capture Jenise on related charges separate from those named Wednesday whereas she was arraigned and jailed following an emergency hearing.

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