New York Gallery owner denied entry into the United States

There’s bad news, and then, there’s missing your own gallery opening in New York City. According to reports, Juan Garcia Mosqueda owner of the Chamber Gallery will apparently miss his own opening due to entry denial.  CNN claims that Mosqueda is of Argentine descent was “viciously attacked due to his nationality rather than his citizenship”.

“Although I am not an American citizen, Chamber is an American product that I hope adds to the cultural landscape of the country,” Mosqueda wrote in his letter. “The gallery was conceived in alignment with the same idea of inclusion that was found in the streets of the Lower East Side (where I live and was denied access to) not so long ago: a melting pot of all nationalities and religions, importing ideas from abroad to a culturally embracing metropolis.”

During the following fourteen excruciatingly painful hours, I was prohibited from the use of any means of communication and had no access to any of my belongings, which were ferociously examined without any warrant whatsoever,” Mosqueda wrote in his letter. “I was deprived of food. I was frisked three times in order to go to the bathroom, where I had no privacy and was under the constant surveillance of an officer.”

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