The irony in Rachel Dolezal legally changing her name to an African phrase

The white woman who pretended to black, is, uh, back in the headlines. In the words of irony,   The Daily Mail has apparently uncovered documents confirming that Rachel Dolezal is no longer Rachel Dolezal.  The documents confirmed that Rachel reportedly changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, which means “Gift of God” in traditional African language.

No, this is not a joke, and yes, we’re getting our 20 laughs while writing this. Last October, Dolezal changed her name, and used such a situation to garner a little attention online.  A petition appeared online declaring the following:

‘Rachel Dolezal’s TEDx Talk on Race & Identity…is still not available online. Please post her talk online immediately. She should not be censored due to her unique perspective. We want to watch this speech!’ the petition read.


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