Would you inject dead horse into your face?

Daily Mail Femail collects via Tanith Carey to accompany her copy on horse collagenHere Betty Bo Before and After treatment
Daily Mail Femail collects via Tanith Carey to accompany her copy on horse collagen
Here Betty Bo Before and After treatment

It’s barely 6:21 am in New York City right now, so, it might be a little too early for this one.  A British woman is in the news this week after she apparently revealed online that she injects the cells and what not of dead horses into her face. Yes, you read that right, dead horses.

Betty Bo, 60, a retired nail tech and grandmother from East Susses is the lady causing a stir online. Bo,  claims that injecting dead horse cells and the like into her face instead of Botox is “much healthier” and “has made me look 15 years younger”.   The claims have largely been mocked online, with others,  wondering if she is really serious.

The new beauty treatment called Nithya is “sweeping the UK” according to its makers. The beauty treatment is actually apparently available in about 85 salons across the UK right now, but, others are a bit concerned. Animal rights groups have pounced on the news citing the “absolute horror in the mere thought”.

When asked about her unconventional beauty regime, er, this was her response.

‘At my age, a lady always likes to look younger. I don’t worry about it because I’d rather have this than Botox [a purified protein made from lab-grown bacteria] because this is natural.’ Bo, 60, told the Daily Mail.

Surprisingly, before botox and such really took off………. other forms of animals were actually used. Roughly 15 years ago,   hides of cattle and the collagen from those cattle were used to make such products.

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