WASHINGTON — The two day confirmation hearing of Jeff Sessions has officially come to a close, with, apparently  a yet to be announced decision.   During the second day of hearings, the first of an ever kind actually occurred during the hearing: another senator testifying against a senator.  Senator Corey Booker took to the stand to rally against Sessions citing that “he couldn’t not do it”.

He’s correct.   With Sessions’ immoral and racist past (as he was found to have such more than 20 years ago)  Sessions makes no fit for American politics let alone the position as top-cop.   Booker made it known that he was seriously concerned that Session’s would “ignore the rights of all Americans; LGBT individuals, and those most important” even further “not securing the rights of immigrants to vote”.

Meanwhile,  conservative America is denying all accusations of racism among other things despite their being critical federal evidence otherwise.

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