So this is why Russia apparently owns Trump

New documents leaked online and to the press reveal the complicated relationship between Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin ‘s Russia.  According to the documents,  President-Elect Trump was reportedly briefed last week by intelligence head James Clapper.

What happened in the meeting is what’s got people talking. The documents revealed that James Clapper reportedly briefed Trump on their own findings of Trump ‘s bizarre and complicated relationship and how deep it actually goes.  Their relationship essentially is something among the blackmail kind.

Clapper reportedly briefed Trump on reported documents and dossiers that Russia has on Trump dating back more than a decade. The dossier apparently holds documents; videos,  and pictures of Trump watching Russian prostitutes engaging in unusual sexual behaviors in Moscow hotel rooms.

Trump of course denies the reports and the intel briefing from both the United States and Russia, however, this time around the information is damning.

Via Buzz Feed

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