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Backpage finally shutters its entire adult section

But only because of a US Senate Report that found that t he site is far more complicit in online sex trafficking than previously known.  According to the Los Angeles Times,  the website finally shuttered its adult section Monday after the report found that the site “deleted terms such as a rape; teenage, and bondage”.

The site had previously denied such claims vehemently, but, after the investigation by the US Senate it appears that the site has now indirectly admitted to their horrific complacent ness  in online sex trafficking. So what happened? According to  Backpage, credit  card companies ceased doing business with Backpage following the publication of the entire report.

The removal of their credit card processors was the big trigger considering that the adult section usually required some kind of credit card payment or card verification in some countries.

Officials declined to comment on why they continued to target backpage.

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