Volkswagen executive arrested in government emissions scandal

Who remembers that Volkswagen emissions scandal where the once beloved car company got caught evading such emissions in America? Welp, it has since been confirmed that amid another federal investigation out of Detroit that one of their top executives has been arrested. According to the Department of Justice,  Oliver Schmidt was arrested over the weekend in a federal FBI sting related to the ongoing VW scandal.

Meanwhile, VW continues to struggle worldwide. Sales have slumped tremendously and buyers in more than three countries have begun to file class-action lawsuits over the emissions problem.   So how’d they do it?  In the beginning, VW had secretly programmed their Diesel trucks to turn pollution control on during testing and off during real-world driving.  Unfortunately for VW,  the move caught up with authorities after a while.

A 2012 auto industry bio for Schmidt claimed that he was tasked with making sure emissions in America were taken care of and the environment wasn’t tarnished by emissions from their cars. Although, uh, we saw how well that went.


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