We’ve got four more kids out of that Breed it Raw investigation

In regards to the scope of our investigation,  kids and men are turning up by the droves the more we seek them out and write about the investigation.   We sent the first child home to his parents to NYC  today marking the first child we physically managed  to save.

He had one single thing to say to the Daily News “You saved me”.

Meanwhile, we’ve found four more that have turned up.  One, who is barely 15, was found in a Mcdonalds in downtown Atlanta hungry and alone after having e-mailed into the Daily News from his tablet.    He along with three others remains in the hands of some of our own until we can send them home.

We are alike before giving each child/teenager an option. Either follow through and take the bag of snacks; small amount of cash, and a warm blanket and get on that bus home or we will turn them over to CPS and police.  So far, each child/teenager has agreed to go home. Each of the children thus far seems to have been poached the same way whether for porn or simply to audition:  They were purchased a ticket to Atlanta and forced to run away from home.


We have also gained information about two more children reportedly being groomed for porn.  We are working to intercept the children and will begin the process to file warrants.

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