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Trump bought off Pam Bondi to avoid fraud investigation, now she gets job

MIAMI — Who saw this coming? We sure did.  In 2013, it was first announced that Donald Trump was under consideration for legal action against Trump University amid allegations of frauding its students by Florida’s AG Pam Bondi. Now, uh,  that very same woman who later solicited donations and dropped the claims will get a White House job in Trump ‘s administration.

Trump ‘s transition team confirmed over the weekend that Pam Bondi “will indeed get a White House job” although how likely that is to actually happen considering their relationship — remains unknown.  It became public knowledge that following Bondi’s admission that Trump U was under investigation, that, she later solicited donations from Trump for her re-election campaign.

Days after the donations were given, er,  Bondi dropped all allegations against Trump and pretended it never happened.


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