Republican Leaders: We don’t care that Trump ‘s nominees aren’t vetted

And that alone is a reason why every American should be concerned, very concerned. Earlier this week,  The Office of Government Ethics announced that they hadn’t quite cleared all of Trump ‘s nominees for work and that is a problem. The office’s whole mission is to clear nominees and make sure corruption isn’t possible (including with their finances…).

Leader Mitch McConnell took to Sunday talk-shows to pretty much tell Democrats in the United States “to get over it” and “move on”. But what Republicans don’t realize is that at this point most have moved on. It has now become an issue of ethics; concern, and national security.  Republicans are ready to spearhead a campaign to get unvetted cabinet members into the most powerful positions in America, but, nobody knows anything about them or their financial history: nothing.

It is no secret that when big money gets into politics corruption comes into play (think: Hillary Clinton ‘s Foundation).    Americans cannot play the naive card to think that so many billionaires in one place wouldn’t abuse their power to influence and make laws with and without their money whether Republican or Democrat.

What makes Trump and his billionaire cronies immune to the law?  That’s a question people should be asking to others and the answer that most come up with probably has something to do with (“money talks”).   The Office of Government Ethics reportedly revealed over the weekend that some of the nominees haven’t  even submitted draft records of their financial disclosures leaving absolutely nothing known about their immense wealth.

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