Donald Trump now asking Congress to force Americans to pay for Mexican wall

And that comes as a no-brainer to anybody who actually saw that coming. According to CNN;  Politico, and numerous other websites Donald Trump’s transition team has now reportedly asked Congress to force the appropriations process allowing the Mexican border wall to be built.

You guessed it folks, this means, that ultimately American tax-payers will be paying for the border wall that Mexico has made very clear: they will not be paying for in any shape or form.  Yes, no kind of way.   Mexican officials tell The Daily News that “We’ve made it very clear that we will not fund nor pay back any means of this wall in any way. This is not something that Mexico will take part in”.

Meanwhile, many are now left scratching their heads considering Donald Trump continues to ramp up authority claiming that Mexico will indeed pay for the wall (although that part is now the opposite of that fact alone..).

In other news,  Donald’s team reportedly wants funding for t he Mexican border wall added to a funding bill that has to pass by 28 April to keep the US government open.   Also meanwhile,  that is highly unlikely to happen and a government shutdown is almost imminent at this point.

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