The Daily News has intercepted the first underage boy in that Breed It Raw investigation

ATLANTA —   We can now confirm that hours after we  intercepted e-mail messages believed to be that of  gay porn producers attempting to lure an underage boy in the city of Atlanta into filming, that, we have now intercepted the underage child entirely.  The boy who will not be identified due to his age has been taken to a local hospital to ensure health checks and is expected to board a bus home to New York City provided by The Daily News this evening.

The underage boy will be taken to our headquarters in New York City whereas he will meet with his parents and therapists paid for by The Daily News.

We managed to discover the underage child after online chat rooms on gay websites turned up alleged info regarding producers attempting to lure him into filming.  There appear to be others in similar situations and we are working round-the-clock to intercept them and convince them to return home or be turned into the police.

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