Gunman opens fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport, chaos ensues, multiple deaths

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA — Tragedy in Fort Lauderdale today as the city attempts to return to normal following a deadly casualty situation at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.  According to authorities, Esteban Santiago opened fire in the airport after reportedly flying in on a yet-to-be-confirmed airline. (Authorities say they’ve got information connecting Santiago to Air Canada and numerous other flights).

Santiago, was “disturbed” according to law enforcement officials who say that he “had been overseas for some time and had often heard voices”.   According to videos posted on social media,  the number of deaths isn’t and hasn’t quite been entirely confirmed as of yet as several remain severely injured and in the hospital.  Meanwhile, South West airlines has suspended flights out of Fort Lauderdale until tomorrow.

Witnesses have reported that remarks about  not being Jewish were allegedly shouted during the attack.   Meanwhile, once more, motive in the shooting remains unclear and the shooter is in federal custody being interrogated.

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