Military sources have come forth revealing to numerous outlets across the globe that US President Barack Obama reportedly plans to release at least 25 more Guantanamo Detainees.  The number could potentially be higher, but,  it remains only partially confirmed as of this time.

According to The Daily Mail,   Obama hopes to  perform such a move in a last-ditch effort style move to transfer the remaining detainees in Guantanamo before Donald Trump assumes office on 20 January. The move comes after previous threats from  Trump that Obama “had not better release those Guantanamo inmates”. The warning came after other news outlets began to unravel the extent in which most of these detainees had went in previous years to cause terror.

At least four of the detainees will reportedly be sent back to Saudi Arabia, whereas, overall the group includes a wide array of terrifying prisoners.  Among the most infamous are  Khalil Mohamed 1/2 of the remaining 9/11 attackers responsible for bringing down the twin towers in 2001.

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