You should be upset that Simon and Schuster is publishing that Breitbart book

Breitbart, a largely alt-right and unusually demonic  online blog has captured eloquently captured what white America largely refuses to admit: its own racism.  Now,  one of the websites less than friendly editors has garnered a book deal that is getting more talk than Breitbart actually does.

Enter: Milo Yiannopoulos.  Yiannopoulos has garnered much attention over his racist remarks; posts, and  promotion of Breitbart’s own views and that of its audience.   Among those that have a problem with  Milo ‘s book (“Leslie Jones”) who he also targeted in a previous online racist rant that blew up in his face.

The book’s publisher Simon & Schuster denied that they’re enabling racism and the views of the alt-right, although, nobody’s quite believing that one considering Milo ‘s less than friendly past towards people of colour.  Meanwhile, Simon and Schuster UK has confirmed that they will NOT be publishing the book out of concern for others.



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