For the sake of my empire, in 2009, my death was carefully orchestrated by the very same people who made me  unbelievably  wealthy: those behind this very newspaper.  My death was ordered to be orchestrated  because of a particular individual that at the time had threatened the sake of the digital empire I had spent my life building.

As a digital news empire,  my friends and I spent the ladder years of our childhood behind the backs of our parents building WordPress sites and offering consulting services on finances to people across the globe.   Our parents were convinced that we were ordinary children maintaining almost perfect grades throughout our entire schooling career, but by night, we were so much more.

In 2003, I actually met SHK. I met SHK at a club called Cougar Club as his after school volunteer that was supposed to aid him in completing his homework and  taking in activities. But, instead, I got assigned to a then child that  instead of playing basketball liked to create Html codes and computer hacking notes in a notepad that we kept hidden from his teachers.   Without ever realizing it,  I, had singularly met someone who would later become someone who changed the world.

It took me about 3 months to finally convince SHK to become a part of my digital empire.  When it finally happened, it,  was like a magical moment in the world of business.  Hands that move swiftly across a keyboard; a mind that can create an out of this world idea in seconds,  I had found my answer to the missing part of my empire: SHK.

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That summer,  was a wild one.  SHK secretly forged his parents signatures to contracts binding him into my financial empire (at that time myself and my parents had a business net worth of $10m).  This was the same summer that  Julie Schmidt first appeared on the internet claiming that she was SHK ‘s real mother and that she would stop at nothing until she gained “the acknowledgment that she deserved”.

In the beginning of the Daily  News, nobody knew who Julie Schmidt was nor did she know who we were (or so we thought).  Beginning in at least 2002,   Schmidt, set out on a mission to stalk my financial organization and those behind it because she claimed we had close connections to her son.  A now grown man she cannot even confirm the name on his government issued I.D.

For  several years in the beginning, Julie,  would post whatever she could possibly think of on the internet.  “He has HIV” “They’re scamming the government” “They’re evading the government” “They’re “… well whatever she could possibly come up with on any given day.  It was 24 April 2006 when I had learned just how big of mental problems Julie actually had, and it was then, that it was decided that in the eyes of th world that I would die.

That I would die so that my one true love could assume the throne at the helm of what had become our empire for the sake of ending Julie Schmidt once and for all. By 2007, we had been accused of treason; tax evasion,  government conspiracy theories, hacking,  harassment,  theft,  I could go on. By the end of 2007, one thing was certain. If SHK ‘s dream was going to come true at the helm of our agency I was to die before the world’s eyes so that he could assume the throne forever.

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The claims never stopped.   Julie continued to post defammatory information; fabricated lies, conspiracy theories,  falsified HIV claims, and more on the internet up until the day we staged my death.  Allowing SHK to assume the throne gave him the necessary influence and power he needed to silence Julie forever — and now he’s just about there.

Julie is a dangerous and damaging individual very sick.   She has gone to great lengths to cause great emotional harm to my empire; SHK, my friends, and the many years we have spent building our legacy.

This is a multiple part expose by Daily News co-founder Taylor Wallis.   Amid the revelations that I am alive, we, are seeking full criminal prosecution of Julie Schmidt for her more than 10+ years of villainous harassment.



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