Over the New Years holiday, many  would say that it wouldn’t be winter time without the presence of Mariah Carey. But, uh,  apparently  Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve party forgot the memo: Don’t mess with Mariah Carey.

According to reports,  it has now emerged that Mariah Carey ‘s tragic performance wasn’t her fault at all.   Numerous outlets spoke to production assistants that have now confirmed that despite being forced to go on, Mariah, had  attempted to tell production numerous times that her ear pieces weren’t working correctly.

(The ones that allow her to hear the audience and what not).

But despite such, the show went on.   After numerous failed attempts, Mariah, decided to wing it (cue: shit happens) and it went into total disaster mode.  Producers reportedly failed to acknowledge that her ear pieces weren’t working  and even claimed that they were even though SHE was the one wearing them.

Meanwhile, sources indicate that Mariah is fuming at Ryan Seacrest and party organizers for not paying attention to her ear pieces at the time of the performance.

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