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Mark Lowcock was just knighted for all of the wrong reasons

The annual Honours List is here, and, some of the names have people talking.  This time particularly Mark Lowcock, the man, who  infamously decided to put an airport on St Helena knowing that the island had been deemed unsuitable for commercial flights.  According to the Honours List, he, still managed to make it onto the list despite massive public criticism in Britain specifically over the massive price tag that he wasted using tax-payer dollars.

MP’s blasted the honours announcement and Lowcock’s department as “reprehensible and irresponsible”  for having “wreckessly” spent taxpayers money.   Additional reports note that the failed airport project proceeded despite warnings from aviation officials that it was impossible and not safe to land commercial flights on the remote Atlantic island.

Politicians across the spectrum are arguing that Lowcock shoul NOT receive his knighthood given that he has been so grossly irresponsible with his departments £12billion foreign aid budget.

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