Sultan Khan declines to appear at Donald Trump ‘s inauguration

The publisher of this newspaper has announced that despite numerous invitations by organizers that we as a whole and he himself are declining all invitations to appear at the Presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump.  As the publishers of one of the most famous British blogs in the world, we, in the words of our publisher…

“We cannot allow ourselves to be involved in an inauguration of an individual that supports such hateful behavior enabling the dissent of America.  Donald J. Trump is simply put: a danger.  As the publishers of one of the largest collection of British newspapers, we, cannot allow ourselves to be seen nor photographed at the inauguration of Donald Trump because we’d rather not be associated with hatred; sexism,  and obligarchy.  Everything that is Donald J. Trump is the opposite in which we believe in and our brand will not be associated with such.  As a news agency with millions of Americans that visit our newspapers, we, cannot be that agency that promotes such filth to our younger readers and those just coming into their political beliefs”.

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