Sultan Khan faces backlash after suddenly taking Christmas holiday off

Those at the Daily News often take Christmas holiday off, those, that celebrate the holiday anyway.  In 14 years,  Sultan Khan, has never taken Christmas weekend off from his duties as the leader of this organization. This year, perhaps, was a bit different.

For the first time, Sultan Khan, hung up his crown for a weekend to spend time with his loved ones and family  for Christmas.    The occasion marked the first time Sultan Khan has ever stopped working.

The sudden move with no formal announcement nearly sent our customers and social media into a frenzy.

Returning briefly to check e-mails, we discovered some of these.

“I’m mad at your boss”. one e-mailer wrote.

“What right does he have to take time off like that without telling the world. This is a man that the serves the world not just a few customers” another e-mail read.

“I’m appalled that he would be able to do such a thing without notifying anybody”  says another.

“What horrible customer service. How can the one man that serves so many people with so many services suddenly just decide to go on holiday?”.

In a sudden move, we’ve decided to release this statement on his mini-holiday.

“Sultan Khan is one of the hardest working men in modern media.  Working 365 days year round, his life can get pretty routine and awfully boring sometimes.  It was to our surprise that he informed his staffers that he would be vacating work for the weekend to spend time with his family and friends.  He disabled his work phone and had a great weekend with his family and friends.  We are not obligated to discuss any further his whereabouts or why he chose to take a day off”.

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