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Colorado Mom Jennifer Labers forced painkillers on her children, and then, murdered them

DENVER, COLORADO —   Colorado state troopers and medical examiners are scratching their head this holiday weekend after still being unable to solve a triple murder that occurred on November 30th.    Jennifer Marie Laber, 38,   reportedly forced her children to take painkillers before opening fire on them both shooting them in the neck.

And then, er, opening fire on herself killing all three almost instantly  by means of gunshot wounds.   Police reports obtained by The Daily News say that a minivan belonging to Labers was found in the parking lot of a Sports Authority.  The scene in the minivan, perhaps, was something out of weirdly written Lifetime movie.

Pertinent records to the case also obtained by The Daily News confirmed that hours before the triple murder Labers had actually purchased a handgun.   How she managed to purchase a handgun perhaps is the part that’s puzzling others including police, who, were the ones that found both boys shot-to-death in their car seats.

Labers per the medical examiner report had bupropion and desmethyl venlafaxine traces in her system which are generally meant for depression purposes.   The report also concluded that Labers had plied her children with everything from oxy pills to the ingredients in benadryl.

On the day of the triple murder,  Labers, had apparently went missing. Missing persons reports were filed the night before and into the next morning after they didn’t return home.   Her husband, Ryan, suspcious decided to call the police.

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