Ivanka Trump deserved what she got


And what she got was an honest confrontation about why she, someone who has no idea what its like to be an average American,  was on a “discount” flight   surely certain that her presence would have caused a disturbance.  But,  nobody’s asking that question. Nobody’s asking why Ivanka Trump, a woman who clearly is smart,  got onto that plane knowing that she is one particular (actually two particular things): Donald Trump ‘s leading transition team member and Ivanka Trump.

We now live in an America where the “First Family”  is virtually untouchable. Nobody’s allowed to say anything negative about them;  write about them, or talk about them.  But in reality,  some news outlets are going to treat them just like they and others treated the Obama Family.

Trump supporters quickly pounced on Mr. Goldstein for asking a one-liner question that was no less than presently typical and should have been asked. “Why is she on here?”.   Goldstein obviously alike others across the political spectrum (not counting the crazed Trump supporters) are fully aware that Ivanka Trump is desperately out of touch with reality. The almost insulting attempts by Trump to make herself appear as “One of Us” is just that, er, insulting and demeaning.

The Trump ‘s are perceived to be one of the wealthiest families in the world, but, they can’t be trusted.  Ivanka Trump is particularly a prime example of a Trump family member who can’t be trusted. Trump, noticeably shrouded in mystery, leaves much to little known about herself outside of her “business career”.  But,  alike Mr. Goldstein,  most of us are wondering “Why is she here”?.

In other news,  Teen Vogue ‘s Lauren Duca took to Fox airwaves last night in an epic smackdown of sexist Tucker Carlson.  Carlson, in typical right-wing-nut fashion was more interested in being insanely and unnecessarily sexist rather than sticking to his job. Meanwhile,   one particular line shouted by Duca, has stood out.

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“Ivanka is poised to become the most powerful woman in the world.  Don’t let her get away with things because she looks like she smells good”.  “Smells Good” being a reference to the often admiration of women in the GOP party by Republican men only because “they look good” rather than actually being qualified.

The rise of Donald and Ivanka can largely be blamed on the sexist; elderly white men with a likely history of pedophilia and young children that read Breitbart News.

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