The horrifying story of ISIS ‘s 2nd in command

While little is known about ISIS ‘s command, this much is known, they’ve got more Americans than originally thought in their chain-of-command. In a new longform article appearing in the next issue of The Atlantic,   the magazine dove deep into ISIS ‘s mystery-shrouded chain of command in which apparently features an American computer programmer.

That programmer, perhaps, has now been identified.  In the intriguing Atlantic article due out in the next issue,  the mag, goes deep into the life of Yahya Abu Hassan.  Hassan, a Texas native, had become a known and targeted  computer programmer  by way of the US government.  The issue? In 2013, Hassan and his family were in the Middle East whereas his family was dumped on the border of Turkey to safety, he himself, fled shortly after.

Interestingly, the author of the article managed to do some pretty good detective work. In the article further along,  Hassan is identified using his American name John Georgelas. John, in 2006, was mentioned in an apparent release that was found online in regards to a case involving the DOJ.

Read the especially revealing and awfully chilling deep dive in The Atlantic.


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