This man infected someone with HIV, and now people are claiming he did nothing wrong

And if that sounded like a bizarre headline, no worries, we’re right there with you.  A 25-year-old Missouri man perhaps the result of a high-profile HIV case dating back to 2013 is back in the news. The man  Michael L. Johnson knowingly infected a partner at the time with HIV, proceeding, not to say anything. In case it couldn’t get any worse, Johnson at the time, infected (and attempted) to do the same to four more.

Johnson is serving 30.5 years for “recklessly” infecting someone with HIV, as, in Missouri, it is against the law to recklessly infect someone with HIV without telling them of your status before sexual encounters. Numerous states across America criminalize such issues, but now, the ACLU is backing Johnson in attempting to get the conviction over turned.

The issue with cases like this is this now enables positive men to harm and intentionally harm others using their status, deadly or not, can still be used as a weapon.  A primary issue in the gay community in America is that nobody wants to admit their HIV status already, so for the ACLU to “claim that Johnson did nothing wrong and his conviction is based on outdated science” is misinformation and dangerous.

His conviction is based on the fact that morales didn’t exist nor did the decency towards others and human life. We cannot allow people to think or enable them to think that it is ok to hide or disclose your status, intentionally,  infecting others.

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