Here’s everything we know about the manhunt for that Berlin terror suspect

BERLIN, GERMANY — Amid new calls for the resignation of Angela Merkel,  Berlin, is on its heels amid a new manhunt for the perceived Tunisian suspect of the Christmas market terror attack that took place over the weekend. According to Buzzfeed,  Anis Amri, has formally been declared the suspect-at-large in connection to the truck attack.

He reportedly arrived in the country in July 2015, perhaps, having been denied asylum at the same time. Germany at the time reportedly felt that his circumstances didn’t merit an asylum package. Papers related to the truck attack were reportedly found at the scene of the horrifying crime, something, that has triggered dual investigations by Tunisia and Germany.

Despite being denied asylum,  Amri, was not deported from Germany.  Why?  The Daily News confirmed that Amri was not deported due to a hold up on his paperwork at the time which resulted in him being permitted to stay in Germany.

State prosecutors in Germany have had an open investigation into Amri since March over alleged terrorism connections and plans to plan an attack.   Amri has used more than six aliases and had once claimed to be from three countries.

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