The Scene in the Democratic Republic of Congo is deadly

And we’re on the scene as of tomorrow morning.  The Daily News is scheduled to be one of the first western media outlets to touch down in Congo in the midst of deadly clashes with government officials following the end of  the President’s second and final term.

On Monday evening,  the Congolese constitution formally ended Joseph Kabila ‘s reign over Congo — a reign in which he has had a tight grip on since 2001.  Although, the problem, is that Kabila has refused to step down.

Here’s what we know so far ahead of the arrival of some of our editors in the country.

  • Kabila, 45, has refused to step down as ruling leader.
  • The ruling party has confirmed that they have no intentions of allowing Kabila to step down until 2018.
  • Some say he could be guilty of treason if he steps down because there was no election in November per the Constitution.
  • At least 20 are dead as of this writing with violence soaring.
  • Scores were arrested  Tuesay evening after Kabila ‘s military forces issued a crack down on protesters.

Meanwhile,  Congo ‘s former ruler Belgium has announced that they’re examining the steps for intervention given that it appears “Kabila is attempting to stage a coup in Congo”.

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